Trevor Ras Follows His Siren’s Call On Third Solo Album, Life at Sea. Due for Independent Release July 22nd.

[Seattle, WA] –Ever since he can remember Trevor Ras has been in and around water. He grew up sailing with his family in the islands of the Puget Sound and Gulf Islands, and was drawn back after years of searching. A sailor himself, he’s come to view life as a seaborn adventure- where endless summer days melt into blustery storms, and dangerous crossings are rewarded with untouched islands. Where the musician meets the sea is where his 3rd solo album, Life at Sea was born.  

Recorded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Life at Sea explores the miracle of parenthood, the bond of family and lifelong friendships, the agony of divorce, second love, and the process of rebuilding life in the aftermath. It offers a small band, acoustic foundation with a hearty groove, hummable hooks, and interesting arrangements and moods. The result is a heartfelt recording that is one part roots, one part acoustic pop, and authentically Trevor Ras.  

Trevor Ras, sunset

The record was an international collaboration with producer/composer Michael Herrman. Long time friends and music partners, Michael and Trevor started their friendship as bandmates in Portland, OR’s Life After Liftoff in the early 2000s. 20 years moves quickly, and Michael now makes his home in Amman, Jordan and Trevor in Seattle, both with busy family and work lives. But when the pandemic struck, and Trevor came to Michael with the album idea, neither was maintaining their normal music activities, and jumped at the chance to re-connect. A vital point of connection and purpose during a year when life was turned upside down, recording with Michael during the pandemic become a much needed lifeline for Trevor.

Like a lot of musicians during the pandemic, Trevor skipped the studio to record his tracks at home. So he bought some equipment, made demos in his small Seattle apartment and set up a make-shift studio in his old bedroom at his parent’s house (the only place quiet enough in his life) to record guitar, vocals, and saxophones. Trevor sent MP3s to friends like former Big Time Rosie bandmate John Mackay to play bass,  and recruited roots legend Tony Furtado to play baritone slide and banjo on a few tracks. All the files were sent to Michael in Iman to weave into the recordings while Trevor slept, track by track. Michael also laid down guitar, percussion, and programmed all the tracks from his home studio and the two friends spent endless hours reviewing and commenting on mixes over Dropbox.

“It was amazing to have the time to spend with each track, with no firm timeline, or release date. I think it allowed us to really create something authentic and give each song what it needs to find its own unique space on the record.”

For example, the reggae-inspired summer singalong “Back to the Islands” kicks off with Tony Furtado’s hooky baritone slide guitar line, and glides into a summery chorus with a horn section powered by Trevor’s tenor sax. In contrast, “For Love” is a true 80’s inspired love song complete with glistening guitar/keyboards, while “Grown Up Love”s driving, rootsy, train-like groove focuses on traditional acoustic and electric guitar, layered vocals to take the listener on a  ride through real-life love after divorce.

Life at Sea will be released independently July 22nd everywhere digital music is sold or streamed and the first single “Back to the Islands” is currently available everywhere as well!

Track List and Credits

All songs written by Trevor Ras

  • Produced by Michael Herrman and Trevor Ras
  • Engineered and recorded by Michael Herrman
  • Mastered by Matt Harris
  • Cover design by James Teague
  • Photo by Scott Marlow
  • Lead and backing vocals: Trevor Ras
  • Backing vocals on Track 8: Adam Gershon, Michael Herrman
  • Acoustic and electric guitars: Michael Herrman
  • Additional acoustic guitar: Trevor Ras
  • Saxophones: Trevor Ras
  • Slide guitar on Track 1, 3, and 10: Tony Furtado
  • Bass: John Mackay
  • All programming by Michael Herrman

Track listing:

  1. Back to the Islands
  2. Daredevil
  3. Tides (Drift Away)
  4. Sing for Me
  5. Carry On
  6. Pressure
  7. Grown Up Love
  8. Here’s to You
  9. For Love
  10. Old North Wind

All songs 2021 © and (p) by James Trevor Rasmussen